Stable Version: 0.74

SDR is currently available as a package for Linux 2.6 i386, x64 and Solaris 10+ x64, sparcv9 versions.

Package Version Operating System Size Release Notes Description
sdr-0741-linux-x64.tar.bz2 0.74.1 linuxLinux 2.6 x64 23MB ChangeLog 0.74.1 Recording package
sdr-0741-linux-i386.tar.bz2 0.74.1 linuxLinux 2.6 i386 22MB ChangeLog 0.74.1 Recording package
sdr-0741-solaris10x64.tar.bz2 0.74.1 sol10Solaris 10 x64 22MB ChangeLog 0.74.1 Recording package
sdr-0741-solaris10sparcv9.tar.bz2 0.74.1 sol10Solaris 10 sparcv9 23MB ChangeLog 0.74.1 Recording package

Utilities and Source Code: 0.74.x

These are SDR SFW utilities used to build and maintain the SDR software for Linux and Solaris platforms along with the source code.
Note:Make sure you use gtar to unpack the SDR Recording Module source code on Solaris based system!

Package Version Description
fetcher 0.7.6 SDR Fetcher: responsible to keep uptodate SDR SFW Catalog
builder 0.6.7 SDR Builder: responsible to build SDR software
setenv SDR Builder setenv: responsible to set the environment for builder SDR Builder responsible for CPAN connection
engine.rec.linux.073 0.6.6 Linux Recording Engine: builds SDR Recording Linux package
engine.rep.linux.073 0.6.3 Linux Reporting Engine: builds SDR Reporting Linux package
engine.rec.solaris.073 0.6.6 Solaris 10+ Recording Engine: builds SDR Recording Solaris package
engine.nginx.solaris.10x 0.6.3 Solaris 10+ NGINX+Friends Engine: builds NGINX HTTP Server Solaris package
catalog.conf SDR Catalog: All SFW used by SDR recording and reporting modules
catalog.dtd SDR Catalog DTD configuration file
recording 0.74.1 GitHub Source code Recording package
reporting 0.74.1 GitHub Source code Reporting package


Access SDR Previous Versions

Access SDR Beta Version which is the next release we are currently working.