• Optional agent: yes
  • Monitoring Parameters: 20
  • Data Source: xentop
  • API: Xen
  • Programming Language: Perl 5


Records Xen hypervisor domain statistics using xentop utility on Linux kernel 2.6 version. The recorder will not work if xentop is not present on the system. Superuser access is required to run the recorder. The recorder outputs collected data as sdrd, sdr raw data format.


xenrec records per domain statistics from dom0 level, including: domain state, cpu usage in seconds, cpu usage in percentage, current memory, current memory in percentage, maximum domain memory stats, in KB and many others. A complete list of all metrics is presented below:

id name type description
1 timestamp time seconds since Epoch
2 name string domain name, the guest domU name
3 state string domain state: blocked (b), dying (d), shutdown (s) crashed (c), paused (p), running (r)
4 cputime number displays cpu usage in seconds
5 cpupct number displays cpu usage in percentage
6 mem number current memory
7 mempct number current memory in percentage
8 maxmem number maximum domain memory stats, in KB
9 maxmempct number memory stats in percentage, ratio of current domain memory to total node memory
10 vpus number number of virtual processing units, vCPUs
11 nets number number of virtual networks
12 nettx rate data transmission rate in KB
13 netrx rate data receiving rate in KB
14 vbds number total number of virtual block devices in the domain
15 vbdoo number total number of VBD OO requests
16 vbdrd rate VBD read rate
17 vbdwr rate VBD write rate
18 vbdrsect rate VBD read sectors rate
19 vbdwsect rate VBD write sectors rate
20 ssid number domain security id